Swancon 39: Conjuration

Convenormancers Log,
StarryDate, 5th November,
Two Hundred and One Dash Three.

Subject: Greetings, Masquerade Theme, Committee News, New Guest Allusions

To all of the Conjurers out there, who have been concerned about the silence coming from this corner, we apologise, but we have been meditating deeply and making positive changes to align our chakras and ensure Swancon 2014 will be the best Conjuration you have ever witnessed!

It’s now less than 6 months until your Conjurmittee complete our summoning, calling Swancon 39 from beyond the fan, to entertain and delight the fans. Thursday the 17th of April, 2014, will see the Ibis Styles Hotel (Northbridge) become the locus of a portal network, opening up other planes of reality, the farthest reaches of the galaxy, boldly going where we went last year, and a few years before that.

As is tradition, on the night of Saturday the 19th, Conjuration will play host to a Masquerade Ball of outlandish proportions. From all of the summoning we have been doing, it’s not surprising that many mischievous creatures and spirits made it through the portal, and will be joining us at the Masquerade.

I say, I see, I saw,
a mask, a maw,
a ball, a bee,
you’ll see.

I have gazed deep down into the deep dark depths down behind the cellardoor, above the dancefloor, and have word from afar. I saw a Masquerade: The Gathering® of creatures eccentric and beings bizarre, costumed characters conjured from canvas, who responded to our surprising summonsses of preciousses, answering odd supplications with even odder applications.

Ladles and Gentlespoons,
I send to you the theme of the Conjuration Masquerade Ball;

“Strange Invocations”

Strange Invocations indeed, what will you summon forth?
Who will you meet that you’ve never met before?
Search your imagination, mobilise your core,
Invoke your strangeness, on the dancefloor!

Since we launched, our summoning circle has expanded, and there have been some movements amongst the committee which I will detail below. We have also been working really hard behind the scenes, and have some AMAZING guest news, which is SO COOL that we can’t even tell you it just yet, tho we know it’s going to knock your socks off. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves…

Who are these Magi? Those laying the strands, weaving the webs? And what have they been up to? We have some new spinners on board our magic carpet, and some sorcerers have changed their robes and wizard hats! So lets review your friars of fandom for ’14;

Convenormancer Chris Coman casts from afar
Conjurevenor Samara Morgan channels the energies
Inner Circle
AbracadabrAdministrator Matt Lindus minds the scrolls
TrickOrTreasurer Alexis Hemsley holds the purse strings
Neuromarketer Matt Holmes changes your minds
Programmerie Team
Head Programmarie Kitty Hemsley also caters for the headless
Familyar Programmerie Sarah Parker and friends entertain all ages
Gaming Gambit Michael Cogan prestidigitates and presides over dice rolls
Dangerous Liasons
Hocus Pocus, Hotel PoteLiason Krisjan Lie minds the physical space
Presto Guesto Liaso Yoli Lawrence weaves paths to the West
Well Wicked Witches Margaret Dunlop & Helen Duffill manage our menagerie of flying monkeys (Volunteers – flying optional but recommended)
Magicians and More
Technomancer Brendan Ragan creates internal binding structures
Event Shamanager Rachel Giovanetti grants visions of the future
SorcerArtist Wednesday illuminates the surfaces and shadows
Artshow Seeress Jennifer Gladwell will actualise artesian anomali
Past Priestesses deserve our thanks for giving their all in service
Prudence Personified Elaine Kemp and
Soul Sister Anna Hepworth ascended early to offer guidance from beyond.

We welcome all new Conjurers, and thank those who have moved on or changed roles. We know they will be waiting for us at the end of the path, and we honour their contribution to our CONJURATION!

On a practical front – Movie Screenings continue to run regularly, the next one coming up is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Friday 22nd November, at 6.15 at Belmont Reading Cinemas.

We are also looking for someone able to help us manage the website! If you’ve got web-design skills and free time, please contact us!

Wrapping up, keep your ears and eyes tuned for some VERY AMAZING GUEST NEWS COMING SOON (like 2 weeks soon).

If you read all this, well done, here’s a potato! I promise it won’t be so long before the next update (indeed – 2 weeks – squee).

Convenormancer Coman and the Conjuremittee

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