Conjuration: Swancon 2014 is pleased to invite entries for this year’s Art Show, on the theme “Conjurations.” Registration details may be submitted by e-mail or post, and must arrive by 10 April 2014. Entry fees are payable at the beginning of the show.

Swancon Art Show Information and Entry Guidelines

Swancon is a celebration of creativity in all its different forms, and the Swancon Art Show is an opportunity for members of the Swancon community to display and sell original works of art in any medium: pencil, paint, leather, lace, plaster, CG, paper and steel. Everyone has the capacity to create something interesting; everyone is an artist.

Swancon also features other competitions and display opportunities for the under-12s, comic artists, fanvidders, short fiction writers, cosplayers, costumers, model makers, toy makers, and hobbyists.

The theme for this year is “Conjuration”. and the show runs over Friday and Saturday of the convention. Preference will be given to works that reflect this theme, although it is not compulsory.

If you already consider yourself an artist, why not try an entirely new medium? Even if you hesitate to call yourself creative, why not take up the challenge to enter something in the show? Reach within yourself and find something new.

All submitted works are eligible for both Judges and People’s Choice awards, with a separate category for the under-12s. Works by West Australian artists and displayed for the first time may also be eligible for a West Australian 2015 Tin Duck award.

Rules and conditions for the show are available along with the registration form. To register please e-mail and attach this form

Questions? Comments? E-mail Sorcha Roberts at

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Published: 21:55 on Mar 25, 2014
Last Updated: 21:56 on Mar 25, 2014